When Hyundai planned to produce a commercial announcing their all-new Venue SUV, they had a major production in mind. A custom-painted C-130 Hercules, air-to-air filming at over 200 mph, and drivers speeding in formation on the ground were just a few of the moving parts that made this production so exciting, challenging and successful.

How we did it

Integral to this project was acquiring and outfitting a private C-130 on a tight deadline, which is no easy task. To answer this challenge, Pursuit Aviation worked with UK-based Shoot Aviation, a major provider of aviation assets for European productions. Once the Hercules was airborne, our groundbreaking JETCAM platform provided the perfect solution to capture high-speed air-to-air footage. Closer to the ground, experienced helicopter pilots captured stunt drivers trailing the C-130 in precise formations from every angle. The final product is stunning and we are proud to have been part of this amazing project.


200 mph Speed of the C-130 Hercules as it was filmed by JETCAM

3 days Window available to source and outfit the C-130 Hercules

7 Stunt drivers in formations captured by Pursuit Aviation helicopter crew