In 2017, a team of aviators, engineers and mechanics made their way to a private airport in the Idaho mountains to challenge a world speed record that had stood for 30 years. As they attempted to redefine what was possible in an airplane, Great Big Story and Pursuit Aviation were on hand to document the endeavor. However, filming a P-51 Mustang at record-breaking speeds also required pushing the limits of what was possible in aerial cinematography.

How we did it

Pursuit Aviation’s groundbreaking JETCAM platform was deployed for the first time to capture the world speed record attempt. The system, which pairs a fighter jet trainer with the custom-designed SHOTOVER F-1 RUSH, is capable of filming at speeds up to 400 mph while operating under high G-forces. The unique capabilities of JETCAM allowed Pursuit Aviation to capture the record-breaking flight in a way that had never before been possible.


531 mph Average speed of the P-51 Mustang Voodoo during the world record attempt

400 mph Speed at which JETCAM can operate

3Gs Load factor at which JETCAM can operate