Pushing the bounds of what's possible

XM2 PURSUIT offers a complete suite of aerial and ground-based camera platforms, from drones, helicopters and jets to handheld camera rigs and all-terrain e-bikes. Choosing the right tool for each application comes with experience and this gives our crew the ability and to coordinate with directors, DPs and VFX supervisors to ensure that their vision is met in an efficient and safe manner.

Aerial Services

XM2 PURSUIT provides complete aerial solutions for nearly any production. Our available fleet of camera-ready aircraft includes the groundbreaking JETCAM, capable of capturing stunning footage at speeds up to 400 mph; AStar and Twinstar helicopters, which can operate in the most demanding and restrictive environments; and custom-designed drones, which provide an unmatched combination of lift, speed and maneuverability. Aircraft are paired with the most advanced stabilization platforms in the industry.

XM2 PURSUIT’s teams are also experts in sourcing on-camera aircraft. In addition to providing access to a fleet of historic warbirds, we can procure a wide range of civilian and military aircraft.

  • Production-ready helicopters
  • On-camera helicopters - VIP, Police, Military
  • Historic warbirds - WWII, Korean, Vietnam-era
  • Fighter jet for high speed cinematography
  • Experienced motion picture pilots - SAG, MPPA
  • Gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Worldwide network of aircraft, pilots and DPs
  • SpecOps: high altitude, fast rope, air-to-air

General Production Services

XM2 PURSUIT’s teams provide hands-on expertise across nearly every aspect of a production, including location management, aerial coordination, and behind-the-scenes support. XM2 PURSUIT’s broad skill base allows our teams to maximize their effectiveness during preproduction in in a budget-conscious manner.


• Production coordination and permitting
• Location scouting and planning
• Travel coordination and logistics
• On-set behind-the-scenes film crews
• Post-production editing facilities
• Production and liability insurance

In-house R&D

XM2 PURSUIT’s in-house research and development teams create bespoke solutions to fit the needs of the most exacting filmmakers. Our custom aircraft and payload mounting solutions are designed, manufactured, tested and integrated by our highly skilled teams of engineers, developers and pilots. XM2 PURSUIT camera platforms allow for stable shooting in demanding conditions with a wide variety of camera and lens combinations. Our custom-design VFX mounts allow filmmakers to combine multiple cameras in unique arrangements to meet their exact geometric and optical requirements.

VFX Support

XM2 PURSUIT provides solutions for the VFX work that has become integral to Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Our LIDAR systems are capable of both ground and aerial scanning to create highly accurate and complete 3D models of any large set, environment or location. The systems are designed to be deployed quickly and easily around the world.

Our Photogrammetry systems create extremely accurate models that provide detailed location, measurement and volumetric data for locations ranging from sandy beaches, to towering cliffs, to historic buildings.

We also have proven experience in the Virtual Reality space. Our in-house engineers and technicians are able to develop bespoke solutions in order to operate a wide variety of VR solutions that can be deployed in the air or on the ground.

Specialized Remote Solutions

XM2 PURSUIT has created a variety of specialized remote solutions that have been fully designed, manufactured and tested in-house and proven on sets around the world.

Our teams of engineers have worked extensively to create technical solutions that provide users with full remote control of all our platforms and dozens of camera and lens combinations. Systems like Whiskey, Lima and HQ-Link can operate over long distances, allowing continuous collaboration on the ground. This technology allows productions to minimize the number of crew needed on set, which helps control budgets and ensure safe working conditions.