Innovative Gear for Demanding Productions

XM2 PURSUIT offers an unparalleled suite of aircraft, drones and VFX and camera platforms to help filmmakers bring their visions to life more effectively and efficiently than ever before. From capturing highly accurate spatial data to the intensity of an action-packed stunt sequence, XM2 PURSUIT’s research and development teams are constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground to create bespoke solutions for productions at all altitudes.



After years of innovative research and development, we're pleased to be the first aerial production company to introduce a fighter jet platform with 6-axis, gyro-stabilized imagery for high-speed aerial cinematography.

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Whiskey Wheels

A first-of-its-kind setup inside a helicopter, Whiskey Wheels delivers an entirely new way of shooting aerial scenes. Developed in collaboration with XM2, this new system provides new options for DPs and camera operators who would have traditionally stayed on the ground. Whiskey Wheels allows these operators to transition their skill set to the skies.

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Tango II

Tango II is the only drone aircraft of its kind to satisfy all needs for film and industrial applications. Designed and constructed by XM2 PURSUIT’s expert teams of aerial pilots and engineers, Tango II was created with a strong knowledge of film and industrial applications. The result is a powerful and safe platform capable of lifting a wide variety of payloads – including cinematography cameras, VFX and industrial sensors, as well as lighting rigs.

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Image of Aircraft + Manned Platforms

Aircraft + Manned Platforms

XM2 PURSUIT can provide a wide range of platforms and picture aircraft for nearly any situation. Ranging from vintage warbirds, to the versatile AStar and Twinstar helicopters, to a camera-equipped, high-speed jet, we offer one of the most diverse portfolios of manned aircraft available.


Unmanned Platforms


XM2 PURSUIT offers one of the most robust and capable fleets of unmanned aircraft in the industry. Proven on projects around the globe, these platforms can capture shots that once required traditional ground-based installations. They are also quick and nimble enough to shoot where other large systems cannot.


Image of Unmanned Platforms
Image of Shotovers + Stabilization

Shotovers + Stabilization

XM2 PURSUIT is equipped with an array of stabilization platforms and camera mounts that provide unrivaled versatility across multiple platforms at speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. Our teams of engineers, technicians and cinematographers are constantly developing upgrades and improvements to elevate this technology to the next level


Cameras + Lenses

Whether it is a high-speed aerial pursuit or a panorama of a pristine beach, our in-house inventory of aerial camera systems, cinema cameras and high-quality lenses means that we can offer the perfect combination for any production.


Image of Cameras + Lenses
Image of Accessories


Our high-end accessories will provide even the most discerning production with a complete solution for their needs. We’re even able to provide live playback from the air with our air-to-ground downlink transmitter.