XM2 PURSUIT has been at the forefront of film camera and remote head technology. Through our in-house research and development department, we are able to integrate these cameras with the latest stabilization systems. Our optimization of the equipment and processes ensure consistent, high-quality footage at any altitude.

How we did it

XM2 PURSUIT first heavily utilized film cameras for Westworld in 2017. Working with DP Paul Cameron, we were able to integrate an ARRI 235 and a 400-foot magazine with our drone-mounted remote head. For sequences requiring a larger camera package, we integrated the ARRI 535B with the helicopter-mounted Shotover K1. This system, which included a 1000-foot magazine, 1000 mm zoom lens and a full HD video feed, involved a complete re-engineering of our existing 6-axis gimbal to accommodate a camera package that can run for over 10 minutes. These systems captured many of Westworld’s signature action sequences and stunning Western vistas. The show continued shooting on film in subsequent seasons, with our team employing both aerial and ground-based remote-head platforms carrying ARRI film cameras.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Director – JJ Abrams, DP – Dan Mindel) utilized ARRI 235 and ARRI 435 film cameras on main and second units throughout the production. Our in-house R&D team designed the system to integrate our drone with a remote head capable of operating the ARRI 435. This first-of-its-kind system proved effective from day one.

More recently, we utilized the ARRI 235 on No Time To Die (Director – Cary Fukunaga, DP – Linus Sandgren). Our team travelled across Europe with the Tango aircraft and worked with main and second units to shoot high-action stunt sequences, chasing vehicles and working in coordination with the aerial teams.


ARRI 235 In "No Time To Die," the ARRI 235 was paired with the XM2 Tango drone to capture stunt sequences and vehicle chases on sets across Europe

ARRI 435 A first-of-its-kind system integrated the ARRI 435 with a drone-mounted remote head for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "

ARRI 535B Mounted on an A-Star helicopter, the ARRI 535 was integrated into a Shotover K1 with a 1000-foot magazine, 1000 mm zoom lens