When COVID-19 began to spread rapidly in early 2020, it caused productions around the world to rethink every aspect of their operations. Rather than hitting pause, the filmmakers behind Children of the Corn, a retelling of the classic Stephen King story, needed partners who could help them continue shooting while ensuring their cast and crew could operate safely within the new pandemic protocols. By working with XM2 PURSUIT, the filmmakers were able operate with a much leaner and more efficient team while maintaining their creative vision.  

How we did it

Equipped with multiple platforms operated by one crew, XM2 PURSUIT was able to minimize the production’s physical footprint without compromising the filmmakers’ ability to capture the shots required.

“Having a single XM2 PURSUIT team on set that can operate multiple platforms gave us flexibility to switch quickly and easily from ground-based shots to aerials, said Andrew Rowlands, director of photography. “This proved to be economically prudent for the producers during this time of COVID protocols and restrictions and proved to be a hugely creative resource that was a savior to me.”

Platforms including XM2 Tango, XM2 Stealth and XM2 Charlie captured sweeping footage of rural landscapes, thrilling foot chases through ominous fields, and exciting pyrotechnic explosions from every angle.

“They have a vast array of capabilities and continued to surprise us with how such a small team could bring a large number of different skillsets and together to make some very epic shots possible,” said producer Lucas Foster. “They shot from drones, from e-bikes, from car mounts, they even lit some of our eerie night shots with aerial lighting rigs. It was truly remarkable watching them work within our budget but give us maximum value of every set up.”


XM2 Tango Capture sweeping aerial views of sets and natural landscape, as well as stunts, explosions and pyrotechnics

XM2 Stealth E-bike equipped with Flowcine Black Arm and remote head provided stabilized filming during action on uneven and muddy ground

XM2 Charlie Remote-operated ground vehicle could be positioned close to pyrotechnics, keeping crew out of harm’s way while getting tight shots of the action