9x7 Digital Cinema Camera System

XM2 PURSUIT has successfully integrated the 9x7 camera into our remote head systems. The 9x7 platform can now be used on both drone and helicopter applications as well as being able to fit onto suspension arms and mounted on to vehicles.

The Shotover F1 integration allows for full control of the 9x7 while operating from a helicopter. Start and stop capabilities, FIZ control, and in camera settings are all accessible while in flight. The compact nature of the 9x7 and Shotover F1 allows for array quality VFX plates while staying true to the lightweight and aerodynamic capabilities the F1 was designed for. This means more time in the air to gather content and the ability to have more crew on board the ship.

The XM2 Tango can fly the 9x7 with the DJI Ronin 2, allowing for even more diverse shots with the high quality camera. The heavy lift capability of the XM2 Tango provides a smooth flight for the operator and pilot while the camera can be configured in different variations to accommodate an array of lenses as well as under and over slung configurations.

9x7 Digital Cinema Camera is designed specifically for VFX, VR, Giant Screen and IMAX Cinema Productions. It features native 4:3 aspect ratio, 65 Megapixel resolution sensor and records uncompressed RAW footage up to 10GB/s – Approximately 30 times more than other high-end digital cinema cameras.

XM2 PURSUIT is an exclusive provider of the Achtel 9x7 Camera system and will provide specialty trained techs to cater to any production needs when using the camera system.