Industry stalwarts Pursuit Aviation and XM2 collaborate as XM2 PURSUIT

Industry veterans Pursuit Aviation and XM2 have teamed up as XM2 PURSUIT, a new global aerial cinematography collaboration. The two companies bring their collective global footprint to six locations across four continents as the world’s premiere complete aerial solution provider to the major motion picture, visual effects, television and aerospace industries

Combining globally experienced pilots with the latest developments in aerospace and film equipment, XM2 PURSUIT is positioned to be a one-stop-shop for cutting-edge, global aerial cinematography and production services for feature films and TV shows around the globe, capable of deploying teams to the most logistically and environmentally challenging destinations.

The XM2 PURSUIT collaboration further enhances the companies’ abilities to provide unique solutions that address filmmakers’ evolving needs. Led by aerial cinematography veteran Stephen Oh, the shared teams of XM2 PURSUIT work extensively in the film industry providing an array of aerial services for filmmakers during production utilizing all types of aircraft, including drones, fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and even iconic warbirds. Their respective labs departments develop specialized solutions and in-aircraft camera systems that employ the latest technology in aerial cinematography.

XM2 and Pursuit Aviation first collaborated in 2019 to create Whiskey Wheels, a first-of-its-kind setup that delivers an entirely new way of shooting aerial scenes. With the additional ability for users to operate any remote head platform from the ground, Whiskey Wheels allows these skilled operators to transition their skill set to the skies.

The capability to modify and integrate custom platforms, such as Whiskey Wheels, is facilitated by a highly specialized team of pilots, camera operators, engineers and technicians to realize any creative vision. This unique personnel structure creates a skilled, precise and efficient aerial unit that meets and exceeds the demands of on-set operations.

XM2 PURSUIT brings together the best of the aerospace and film industries, providing innovative, turn-key solutions for productions of any size. For more information and to learn about the companies’ groundbreaking technical innovations in aerial cinematography, visit and