Stephen Oh to lead XM2 PURSUIT, a newly formed global aerial cinematography collaboration

Aerial cinematography veteran Stephen Oh will lead XM2 PURSUIT, a groundbreaking new collaboration between industry stalwarts XM2 and Pursuit Aviation servicing movies, television, commercials and the aerospace industry.

As founding director of XM2, Oh brings 20 years of experience in the film industry as both a producer and director around the globe along with a unique combination of bespoke technical skills and a hands-on managerial approach. His leadership has led to numerous breakthroughs in camera movement and control while also ensuring that these developments are properly utilized on film sets around the world. With extensive knowledge as a producer and director in high-end film production, years of experience with unmanned helicopter, fixed wing and multirotor aircraft, and expertise and training required to operate the companies’ arsenal of drone tools, Oh will strengthen XM2 PURSUIT’s competitive edge. Oh possesses a deep understanding of VFX demands and requirements on set, which play an increasingly important role in the production industry today. His distinctive vision stretches the boundaries of creative possibilities.

The XM2 PURSUIT collaboration further enhances the companies’ ability to provide unique solutions that address filmmakers’ evolving needs. The shared team of XM2 PURSUIT works extensively in the film industry providing an array of aerial services for filmmakers during production utilizing all types of aircraft, including drones, fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and even iconic warbirds. Their respective labs departments develop specialized solutions and in-aircraft camera systems that employ the latest technology in aerial cinematography.

“I’m excited by the opportunities that lie ahead for XM2 PURSUIT in this dynamic industry and look forward to driving the companies’ commitment to innovation, excellence and outstanding client service,” Oh said. “We are looking forward to expanding our global growth potential by leveraging our shared team’s experience and expertise across a variety of aerial platforms.”

XM2 and Pursuit Aviation first collaborated in 2019 to create Whiskey Wheels, a first-of-its-kind setup that delivers an entirely new way of shooting aerial scenes. With the additional ability for users to operate any remote head platform from the ground, Whiskey Wheels allows these skilled operators to transition their skill set to the skies. Developed to offer new creative and aerial technology solutions for filmmakers, the proprietary system provides new options for DPs and camera operators who would have traditionally stayed on the ground.